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Award Winning Fish & Chips
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We're proud of our achievements!
We are delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved the NFFF Fish and Chip Quality Award for the high standards we maintain in our shop
Fish and chip shops achieving this standard are nationally recognised for producing top quality fish and chips in a first class environment and you can be confident that you are buying your fish and chips from one of the UK's best quality shops.

We are one of only a handful of Fish & Chip shops in the country
to have achieved this prestigious award.


enzos award winning fish & chips team


This award recognises:

The uk's best quality and best tasting fish and chips
Fish sourced from environmentally sustainable stocks
Any bones carefully removed from our fish (smiley face maybe!?)
Freshly and safely prepared under well managed conditions
Clean, hygienic and safe premises
Well trained staff and service with a smile
Fully inspected by a trained industry professional

Award Winning Fish & Chips




Marco says “We are always working hard to keep our fish and chips at the forefront of the fast food industry. The industry has evolved vastly during the last 10 years that I have been in business. We have just moved on to using recyclable double ply corrugated cardboard boxes specially designed for keeping fish and chips at their best. We use freshly caught haddock from a local fish merchant so as to benefit our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. "


enzos fish and chips new shop

You will still get the traditionalist swearing that they don't taste the same as when they're wrapped in newspaper but I don’t want my perfectly fried fish and chips all squashed up in a parcel and put in a plastic bag to go soggy and the vast majority of our customers agree.

We take great pride and care to ensure that all of our fish is sustainable and from approved fishing grounds. Our fish is all legally caught on regulated vessels that comply with all quotas so whilst your fish and chips will undoubtedly taste fantastic, you can enjoy them with a clear conscience.”

Potatoes can change as often as weekly so Marco personally tastes and selects the best available to ensure that you will be getting the perfect chip every time working closely with his potato merchant to source directly from the best farms.

Our homemade tartare sauce is the perfect accompaniment to our fish and is great with just about anything on the menu. Go on be adventurous! We also make our own garlic mayo with fresh garlic or try our sweet chilli sauce it’s got a great wee kick!

We also worked closely with our frying range manufacturer, a small Scottish company, to specifically design the range that is best suited to our style of frying. We find that frying in large traditional pans with modern burners and built-in filtration are the best medium for our product. Our "Man's Pans" are built to last and to perform in very busy periods with a shelf life lasting as long as a business. They are designed to maintain high temperatures under heavy loading to ensure that your fish and chips are crisp and not greasy.

We continuously filter our frying fat throughout the day to remove any carbon particles maintaining that well known golden colour and keeping fish and chips the healthy fast food option that it already is.

As well as striving to keep ahead of the game, we like maintaining certain traditional methods that keep our fish and chips tasting as good as you remember them to be when you were just a little kid. We swear by beef dripping which gives our fish and chips our unrivalled distinctive west coast taste so when you go to a fish and chip shop and it’s not quite the way you wanted it to be this can often be the reason. We only use the highest quality beef dripping which we regularly replace. This is then recycled and used in the beauty industry in soaps and moisturisers, you've probably washed your face with the frying fat that is used to cook your favourite fast food!

We also recycle all our cardboard and are currently looking at the best way of recycling all of our plastic waste.

Training is the foundation of any successful business and Enzo's staff were put through their paces at Marco's Fish and Chips where they were personally trained by Marco and his experienced staff. If you want to know something about a product we sell or are unsure what to have for your dinner just ask one of our team who will be more than happy to help.
If first impressions count then you will not be disappointed in the appearance of the newly rebuilt shop or the friendliness and efficiency of our team of staff and just wait till you get home and taste our "out the fryer" perfect fish and chips!

On a Friday in the UK 20% of meals purchased outside the home are from a fish and chip shop.
Fish and chips have a third of the calories of other popular takeaways and represent just 30% of a female’s recommended calorie intake and 23% of a male's.
They also have a massive 42% less fat than a donner kebab and a third less than a whopper meal from burger king.
Fish and chips have 9.4 grams of fat per 100 grams , beating other takeaways - the average high street chain burger has 14.8 and french fries have 15.5.
We only fry chunky chips, the healthy alternative, more potato and less surface area to absorb fat. Just the best potatoes, nothing else will do. Peeled and chipped freshly on site every day.
There are over 10,000 fish and chip shops in the UK. These shops sell 276 million portions of fish and chips each year.

Food for thought
Just a little bit about our fish -

Haddock is found in inshore waters in the summer and in deep water in winter. It can grow up to 70-100cm and can live for longer than 20 years. Haddock caught on larger vessels in the NORTH EAST & ARCTIC are being fished responsibly.

Scampi live in wee burrows on the seabed. They live where their muddy habitat allows. They grow quite quickly to about 6cm. They very rarely live half as long as haddock. Poor wee scampi! The method used to catch scampi is trawling, the nets are designed to let smaller fish escape.